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Kate Upton Unveiled The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Last Night

Even though it already leaked to the internets last Friday, here’s Kate Upton’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover being officially unveiled on a building last night on Letterman. You like that shit, Al Qaeda? You knock down our buildings, we respond with giant tits. Bazinga!

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Kate Upton In ‘Elle France’

I think that bear was trying to cop a feel on Kate Upton. Do you blame him? He’s a sneaky perverted bastard. That’s why those bears have gotten a bad reputation lately.

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Victoria’s Secret Doesn’t Want Kate Upton

  Victoria’s Secret pretty much said that Kate Upton is too cheap to walk the runway for them. From Us Weekly: Kate Upton may be the swimsuit model of the moment, but based off of what the Victoria’s Secret’s casting director for its annual runway show has said, she won’t be getting her wings anytime […]

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