Madonna Sponsors Hookup App Called Sexbook, Encourages People To Have More Casual Sex

Finally, a fresh new entry to the dating app category has arrived. Sexbook VIP, a dating app that’s been sponsored by Madonna, is made to put an end to all of the normal issues with dating apps once and for all.

If you’ve tried Tinder or most other dating apps, you’ve probably found that many people aren’t actually serious about chatting, going on dates, or having casual connections. Read on and find out how Sxxbook takes a different approach, and actually connects their users for easy casual fun.

The New Dating App

Madonna is pretty much the most well-known musician on the planet, and after all these years, I think we can finally say that the singer has discovered her niche. I’m not sure if it’s her music, her fashion, her sexuality, or just the way she doesn’t give a single f*ck, but if there’s anyone who can have a lasting impact on the dating app industry, it’s her.

Now that she has sponsored the new Sexbook app, the app is a step ahead of its competition. “Sexbook isn’t just a dating app, it’s about connection,” Madonna said. “You’re looking for what makes you laugh, what makes you smile, and most of all – people that make you want to get up off your sofa and dance. That’s what connects you with other people, we’re not about matching, we’re about connecting.”

How it works

Sexbook encourages users to go out and meet people — like any normal dating app — but the site has a unique twist. If users are interested in chatting, they can find a match nearby with just the press of a button. After the match is found, users can either shoot back a quick message or opt to talk a little more before picking up the conversation.

The site is free to use, and only asks for a profile picture and bio. Sexbook claims that this is part of the dating site’s goal to encourage people to meet new people and hookup, without the clutter that usually comes with an app.

Who’s it for?

All singles, ages 18 and up, of all genders and ethnicities. This app is made for anyone who’s looking for casual relationships, fuck buddies, friends with benefits, and more.

How it works?

Sexbook gives users a chance to explore different dating lifestyles that are a little more relaxed. It allows people to make more friendships as well as begin to learn more about their potential partners. They can chat with potential matches, participate in a variety of activities, and find people who also live in their area (even if it’s a long way away).

There is a whole lot to love about Sexbook. How does Madonna get involved? Madonna first helped to promote the app by promoting a Madonna-inspired commercial. She also has made a few appearances on the app’s website, including some where she is encouraging users to get involved and have fun with the app.

How to get started

Sexbook is a free app that’s available for both iOS and Android devices. The app is intended for both single individuals and couples. There are many different features to the app that make it different from many other dating apps, but the key aspect of Sexbook is that there’s no need to answer endless questions about yourself if you don’t want to.

All of the users on Sexbook are anonymous, and can only communicate through in-app messaging. “It’s exciting to be a part of a product that is as innovative as Sexbook,” Madonna said in a press release. “The exciting thing about this app is that there is no app. You are only connected with people who are as single as you are. I was surprised to learn about how many people have difficulty finding a connection because of their dating profile.


Sexbook, an all-new free dating app, was …