JerkDolls: The Sex Game Where You Can Bang Celebrities

JerkDolls comes with modern graphics and an incredible gaming engine that gives you the freedom to experiment with sex positions and knicks. JerkDolls can be played on any device you have, be it a computer or a mobile device, and it allows you to fuck any celebrity you like.

With a little work, you can recreate any celebrity character and change every aspect of the character’s appearance. You can even recreate cartoon and anime characters in the customization menu and live out your fantasies as if you had a female distortion in your life.  

JerkDolls is the best-rated porn game on the market because it is one of the most realistic and realistic sex games ever. Even if your celebrity crush is not one of the dozens of celebrity skins already uploaded to the game, they can still be created with the advanced customization features of Jerksdolls. 

When you stroke your cock into a hottie, you don’t have to deny that the scene is hot and steamy, but simply act convincingly and it will seem so real. There is no need to use the video itself to rub it in and give it the attention it deserves. If you really do and the videos leak out, you will get a real sense of how celebrities really are on camera.

I’ve played a lot of great porn games with celebrity characters, but JerkDolls is a game-changer for me. By recreating these characters in a virtual world, you can find a role that makes you fall in love with famous chicks, and it’s a great game for you to play. 

It makes you doubt whether it is really a browser-based game or not. So build up your collection of celebrity porn and enjoy this collection of sexy sex games with celebrities of the most famous celebrities in the world. It’s no wonder that scenes in which you go from top to bottom and show a little skin send the audience into a drooling frenzy. But don’t be shy, as these celebrities aren’t shy about flaunting their perfectly sculpted abs.

At, they have a more complete JerkDolls review if you’d like to read more before you get started. Otherwise, just head over to and you can start playing for free.