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JerkDolls: The Sex Game Where You Can Bang Celebrities

JerkDolls comes with modern graphics and an incredible gaming engine that gives you the freedom to experiment with sex positions and knicks. JerkDolls can be played on any device you have, be it a computer or a mobile device, and it allows you to fuck any celebrity you like.

With a little work, you can recreate any celebrity character and change every aspect of the character’s appearance. You can even recreate cartoon and anime characters in the customization menu and live out your fantasies as if you had a female distortion in your life.  

JerkDolls is the best-rated porn game on the market because it is one of the most realistic and realistic sex games ever. Even if your celebrity crush is not one of the dozens of celebrity skins already uploaded to the game, they can still be created with the advanced customization features of Jerksdolls. 

When you stroke your cock into a hottie, you don’t have to deny that the scene is hot and steamy, but simply act convincingly and it will seem so real. There is no need to use the video itself to rub it in and give it the attention it deserves. If you really do and the videos leak out, you will get a real sense of how celebrities really are on camera.

I’ve played a lot of great porn games with celebrity characters, but JerkDolls is a game-changer for me. By recreating these characters in a virtual world, you can find a role that makes you fall in love with famous chicks, and it’s a great game for you to play. 

It makes you doubt whether it is really a browser-based game or not. So build up your collection of celebrity porn and enjoy this collection of sexy sex games with celebrities of the most famous celebrities in the world. It’s no wonder that scenes in which you go from top to bottom and show a little skin send the audience into a drooling frenzy. But don’t be shy, as these celebrities aren’t shy about flaunting their perfectly sculpted abs.

At, they have a more complete JerkDolls review if you’d like to read more before you get started. Otherwise, just head over to and you can start playing for free.

Giuliana Rancic Reveals Breast Cancer Diagnosis At 37

Giuliana Rancic has cancer. Giuliana Rancic, the host of “E! News” had an announcement to make during a Monday appearance on Today, which we expected to be a joyous one: That she was pregnant at last.

 Giuliana Rancic Reveals Breast Cancer Diagnosis At 37

That made the actual announcement all the more heartbreaking. “I have early stage breast cancer” the 37-year-old told Today host Ann Curry, adding that her doctor made the frightening discovery back in August as she was about to begin IVF.

Rancic explained that her doctor sternly insisted that she get a mammogram before going through with the third IVF treatment. That might have saved her life.

The star, who said she has no family history of breast cancer, “wasn’t prepared to get a mammogram until I was 40 years old,” she admitted.

“I never in my wildest dreams expected anything to be wrong.”

When the hospital called a few days later to tell her the shocking news, Rancic says she was “sobbing… It was like the world just crashed around me.”

But she says, “I will be okay, because I found it early. I’m doing surgery this coming week, and then I go to radiation for six and a half weeks.”

At her side throughout the ordeal, of course, is doting husband Bill Rancic. “Bill is unbelievable,” Giuliana gushed. “He lets me cry when I want to cry.”

“He just lets me feel what I want to feel.”

As for her pregnancy plans, she says this:

“I’m not gonna give up. That baby will have saved my life,” she mused. “There’s some master plan. Now I know that [God] was looking out for me. I think a lot of us think we’re invincible. We have to start putting ourselves on the to do list.”

Terrifying as it must have been, thank goodness it was caught early. Here’s wishing Giuliana and all those suffering from cancer a full and fast recovery.…

Samantha Ronson Arrested For Drunk Driving

Lindsay Lohan’s former partner in pussy, DJ Samantha Ronson was arrested for DUI on Monday. At 10:30 AM! Drunk at 10:30 AM? And driving? Not so cute!

Ronson was stopped by police in Baker, Caifornia, on her way back to LA after a gig in Vegas at Lavo and failed a field sobriety test. She was then taken to the local police station, where she blew over the legal limit.

Driving drunk is some stupid shit, because it’s stressful trying to operate a motor vehicle while drunk. It’s disrespectful to the drunk experience! When drunk visits your body, you should savor it, love it, nurture it and hug it… You shouldn’t stress it out!

Robin Williams Found Dead in His Home From Apparent Suicide

Robin Williams Found Dead in His Home From Apparent Suicide

UPDATE: Oakland TV station KTVU reported Williams hung himself

Reports are coming in that Robin Williams, 63, committed suicide inside his home in Tiburon, CA. Williams was unresponsive when the Marin County Sheriff’s Office found him. The coroner suspects suicide from asphyxia. Investigators say Williams was last seen alive in his home with his wife at around noon on Sunday.

Williams, sober for 20 years, had returned to rehab last month to focus on his sobriety.

Kendall Jenner Gets Range Rover At Sweet 16 Birthday Bash!

Kendall and the Kardashian clan celebrated her sweet 16 on Saturday night, but the real prize came after they left the Andaz Hotel in Hollywood. Waiting outside for her was a brand spankin’ new 2012 Range Rover.

Kendall Jenner

Her birthday was on November 3rd, but the whole family came out in full force to celebrate at the hotel. It’s likely that they were comped the party space as a result of getting the hotel’s name on websites everywhere. I know, we’re part of the problem. We apologize in advance.

The Range Rover has a starting price of $80,000! Take that everyday moms and dads!

Kim Kardashian Is Still In Love With Reggie Bush

Kim Kardashian’s ex-publicist is asserting that her wedding indeed was a total sham and that she still has a thing for ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush. Tell me something that I didn’t already know. Says Daily Mail:

Kim Kardashian’s former publicist claims the reality star has never got over her ex Reggie Bush – and that her marriage to Kris Humphries was a sham.

Jonathan Jaxson – who worked with the reality star between 2007 and 2009 – has renewed claims Kim’s nuptials to NBA star Humphries were a publicity stunt during a radio interview.

Speaking on New York’s Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, Jaxson said: ‘She knew weeks before getting married she didn’t want to do it.’

He then added: ‘She’s never gotten over [her ex Reggie Bush].’

Kim, 31, and 26-year-old NFL star Reggie were the subject of repeated engagement claims throughout their relationship.

The couple dated for around two years before initially splitting in July 2009. Two months later they got back together before ending their relationship again in March last year.

Jaxson claimed he would often help Kim stage publicity stunts when he worked with her.

He continued: ‘I staged several of the moments that the world has seen of her, such as a ring that we alleged was from Reggie Bush.’

Jaxson added that there is no doubt Kim and Kris, 26, made a packet during their time together.

Despite Kim’s mother Kris Jenner insisting her daughter ‘didn’t make a dime out of the wedding – responding to reports the couple netted a whopping $17.9m – Jaxson begs to differ.

He told the radio show on Wednesday: ‘They had a lot of contracts, they had endorsements. To say they weren’t paid is a lot of foolish garbage.’

Jaxson went on to claim that despite Kim’s apparent reservations about marrying Kris in the weeks leading up to the wedding, she would have been under pressure to go through with the marriage because of her endorsement deals.

Kim is yet to respond to her former publicist’s claims.

Kim and her despicable family can squirt all the crocodile tears they want, but in the end they’re just hypocrites that make Two-Face look like a bastion of moral fortitude.

Helen Mirren Wins Body Of The Year

Age is only a number, ladies. Dame Helen Mirren, 66, just won L.A. Fitness’ poll for Body of the Year. The health club surveyed 2000 men and women and British actress Mirren and British footballer David Beckham were tops of their respective gender lists.

Other Top 10 names include Elle MacPherson, Pippa Middleton, Daniel Craig, Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt. That company is not too shabby, eh Helen? We could not love her more. Simon Cowell and David Hasselhoff also made the list, which … OK.

If you’re feeling naughty, check out our article about the sex simulation game JerkDolls where you can find these sexy celebrities.

Here are the complete Top 10:

Top 10 Female Celebrities

1. Helen Mirren – 17.65%
2. Elle MacPherson – 10.6%
3. Kelly Brook – 8.35%
4. Jennifer Lopez – 6.6%
5. Cheryl Cole – 5.35%
6. Myleene Klass – 4.2%
7. Holly Willoughby – 4.1%
8. Pippa Middleton – 4%
9. Kate Winslet – 3.9%
10. Nicole Scherzinger – 3.8%
Others: 31.45%

Top 10 Male Celebrities

1. David Beckham – 21%
2. Daniel Craig – 15.75%
3. Johnny Depp – 10.25%
4. Brad Pitt – 9.35%
5. Peter Andre – 6.65%
6. David Hasselhoff – 3.55%
7. Rafael Nadal – 3.3%
8. Ryan Reynolds – 3%
9. Robbie Williams – 2.3%
10. Simon Cowell – 1.95%

Jesse James Cheated On Kat Von D With 19 Women

Kat Von D announced on her Facebook over the weekend that former fiance Jesse James cheated on her nineteen times during their engagement. Yeah, never saw that coming, either. Us Magazine says:

“Today I encountered the 19th girl to add to the list of people Jesse cheated on me with during this last year,” [Kat von D] wrote in the post, entitled “Thank You, Jesse James.”

“There was a time when I was confident and excited at proving the world wrong, because I believed so deeply in people’s ability to change for the better,” she writes.

And she knows what all her fans and detractors are thinking. “I deserve a big fat ‘I told you so,’ from everyone, and wish I didn’t have to say, ‘You all were more right than you’ll ever know’ but you were,” she concedes. “Not to worry, I’ve gladly paid the consequences for every mistake I’ve ever made, but learned so much from each of them.”

And I’m sure she’s also learned the proper medical name for those mistakes: gonorrhea, syphilis, and Hepatitis C. And don’t let’s forget Jesse James’ face on her ribcage. I gather that one was probably a mistake, too.