Michael’s Secret Musical Library Of Over 100 Songs

Michael’s Secret Musical Library Of Over 100 Songs

It’s been suggested that though the man may be gone, fans may still get to enjoy unheard recordings from the King of Pop.

Reports are saying that Michael Jackson kept a secret library of over 100 songs he planned to be released after his death, but only for his children.

One of the singer’s biographers, Ian Halperin, author of Unmasked, The Michael Jackson Story, said before his death: “He wants to leave them for his kids, a very personal legacy to them. I was told he will not let them come out now.”

Though that might have been his intention, there are more reports that the superstar was in over $400 million dollars in debt and the selling of this alleged collection would be insisted upon to cover that debt.

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  1. Im very sorry to hear what happened to him.Life is very fragile.One second your here then your gone.Only God has the power to give and take away.God bless ya.I hope he found Christ.

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