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Jennifer Lopez Temporarily Stops Sale Of Sex Tape With Ojani Noa

Jennifer Lopez has temporarily won the right to stop her first husband from exploiting her by facilitating the release of hours of honeymoon footage from 1997. It had been reported that Lopez would be returning to court today to stop the ex-husband’s current girlfriend, the tape’s legal owner, from selling the footage to porn distributors […]

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Jennifer Lopez Threatened to “Beat Up” Ricky Gervais

Jennifer Lopez admitted she was scared about what Ricky Gervais would say when he introduced her at the Golden Globes last Sunday. Like any diva with self-esteem issues, she confronted Ricky backstage and bullied him into not telling his original joke. Speaking on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Lopez said: ‘I was sitting in the audience […]

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Jennifer Lopez Has Still Got It

When I saw these photos of Jennifer Lopez I was like ewwwww, and then I was like “hey it’s Kim Kardashian in six months”.