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Elle MacPherson Is Still Really Hot In Bikini

Elle MacPherson looking rather unbelievable in her bikini down under in Australia. I mean really hard to believe, if you consider that Elle MacPherson is 42 years old. Yeah, 43. When’s the last time you saw a 43-year-old woman who looked that good? In fact, seeing a woman of 25 who looks that excellent isn’t […]

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The New York Post is speculating that Owen Wilson’s addiction to heroine and cocaine may have been what pushed him into Sunday’s shock suicide attempt. Apparently the actor has struggled with drugs for quite some time–the situation became so bleak for Wilson that pal Woody Harrelson even tried to stage an intervention at his home […]

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Paris Hilton and her much-cuter hair turned up at the Magic Marketplace convention Las Vegas Tuesday. The heiress-turned designer attended the event to hawk her Dollhouse line of denim. I guess I was just looking at the cut, and I really hate extensions so comparatively I thought it looked better. And I also can’t stand […]

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