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Madonna Has A Gold Grill Now

Apparently having a grill is the “hot,” “new,” and “always fashionable” thing to do these days, and who better epitomizes “hot” and “young” than Madonna? A 54-year-old mother of four. Gold grill. Yup.

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Madonna At The Billboard Music Awards 2013

Madonna attended last night’s Billboard Music Awards, and, um, love her. I hope I make people feel that uncomfortable, standing around in my underwear when I’m her age. With the compliment out of the way, in a few years if Madge keeps going pantless in public, people are going to start saying she’s got the […]

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Anderson Cooper Kisses Madonna At The GLAAD Awards

Madonna and Anderson Cooper embraced in a a big smooch as she presented the CNN newsman and talk show host with an honor at the New York edition of the GLAAD Media Awards at the Marriott Marquis. Cooper was the recipient of this year’s Vito Russo Award, which goes to an openly gay, lesbian, bisexual […]

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