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Madonna Wanted To Go Semi-Nude At The Met Ball, Anna Wintour Unimpressed!

Madonna, in being Madonna decided to make the Met Ball about her, by posting a picture that Instagram would normally ban an account for, but not when it is Madonna because she’s Madonna… so she went on Instagram and wrote: “What i wanted to wear to Met Ball but Anna said Not this year! So […]

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Madonna Has A Gold Grill Now

Apparently having a grill is the “hot,” “new,” and “always fashionable” thing to do these days, and who better epitomizes “hot” and “young” than Madonna? A 54-year-old mother of four. Gold grill. Yup.

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Madonna At The Billboard Music Awards 2013

Madonna attended last night’s Billboard Music Awards, and, um, love her. I hope I make people feel that uncomfortable, standing around in my underwear when I’m her age. With the compliment out of the way, in a few years if Madge keeps going pantless in public, people are going to start saying she’s got the […]

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