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Was Steven Tyler’s National Anthem Really That Bad?

Steven Tyler spends the bulk of his time these days critiquing aspiring artists. But the Aerosmith frontman/American Idol panelist is the one facing harsh judgment today, as is performance of the national anthem prior to the 2012 AFC Championship game is being met with severe rebuke. “Steven Tyler far more obscene than Janet Jackson’s t*tty,” […]


Steven Tyler Looks Different

A little while ago, Steven Tyler suffered a broken shoulder when he fell off a stage in South Dakota sending him to the hospital and forcing him to cancel his tour. Well, he was recently photographed at Pembroke Center Liqours in Boston with actor Chuck Slavin and what the hell did the doctors there do […]


Steven Tyler Dead?

Yesterday, we reported that Steven Tyler suffered mild injuries to the shoulder and neck due to his fall offstage at a performance in Sturgis, South Dakota. There are no details or reports of his injuries and now there is a rumor that he is dead. Is it true? No. Steven Tyler is not dead. So […]

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