Gossiper for Android

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Gossiper is a new cool entertainment news application available in the Android Market. Courtesy of VipRumor, this Android app was designed to satisfy your celeb news needs even when not in front of your computer.
Whether you are already a fan of the VipRumor.com website or merely looking for an app that would allow you to always be updated with the best and latest celebrity related news, Gossiper is bound to make you happy. To the former it offers access to his/her favorite celeb gossip website while to the latter the possibility to discover a new cool way to browse through Hollywoodís dirty laundry.
With Gossiper you have instant and permanent access to all the best things VipRumor offers such as breaking news, videos, and photos all from your handset.
When it comes to visuals, the app is clean, lacking any redundant stuff that would hamper your gossip experience. One of the best things about Gossiper is the fact it keeps the high-quality of pictures and the loads videos very fast.
If you want to stay connected to the hottest rumors and scandals about the famous people you love or love to hate this is the iPhone app you want. All the celebrities at one finger touch without having to type in the web address or thumb through your bookmarks & icons.
Gossiper is indecently easy to use once installed, with a simple touch youíll be presented with the top most exciting Hollywood backstage stories dug up by VipRumor and served as articles formatted to fit your screen.

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