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VIP Torrent P2P boxshotVIP Torrent, courtesy of VIP, is a top file-sharing program designed for those of you who have made quite a habit from visiting our site. That’s right, along with VIP Rumor Player and VIP Rumor RSS Reader, this new application offers cutting-edge technology and charges you nothing! It’s a totally FREE program, implementing the BitTorrent protocol and written in Java, suited for getting the most out of a download experience.
Whether it is MOVIES, MUSIC, APPLICATIONS, E-BOOKS or other, you wish to download, get acquainted with your new download buddy, VipTorrent, and get ready for speed. Installing it couldn’t be easier and you get to choose your preferential mode setting – beginner, intermediate or advanced which will determine the level of options displayed in tools and which you can modify at any time.

With VIP Torrent you can use either its embedded tracker or an external one. It is designed to connect to multiple networks at the same time. An attractive, straightforward interface turns searching into joy, plus, downloading is quick and without problems. It features a very useful health button which allows you to see the status of each of your download file and also a send-to-friend button which enables this option via e-mail, blog entry or webpage.

Finally, VIP Torrent comes with a very useful plugin feature, for which no changes to your existing VIP Torrent client are necessary – Ono. When running Ono, it will automatically search for new versions and conveniently make any available updates itself! In a few words it is an extraordinary plugin that employs CDN redirection data to find nearby peers as to increase download speed.

The main purpose for including this plugin is quite simple – to enhance download speeds for your BitTorrent applications which makes VIP Torrent the perfect tool for your file sharing. Due to this addition, it prevents your downloads to be affected when most peers are located in another part of the world from you. It does that by proactively searching those peers that are close to you (in terms of network, of course) because they usually have a better response time, which translates into notably improved performance.

With VIP Torrent you will be able to reach a 31% average download-rate growth; in environments with large available bandwidth, its features boost download rates by 207% on average (and the median rates by 883%). Furthermore, compared to traditional network positioning systems, Ono doesn’t need active network path measurement to establish relative locations in the network. Infrequent DNS lookups are sufficient.

This software’s functionality is based on DNS and Java and supports Windows and Linux and also Mac environment.
You will soon come to appreciate the quality this application offers, FREE FROM ANY ADWARE and SPYWARE!

Here are few screenshots of VIP Torrent (click to enlarge thumbnails):
VIP Torrent P2P screenshot VIP Torrent P2P screenshot VIP Torrent P2P screenshot

Click here to download latest version of VIP Torrent!

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