Kate Moss Goes Gray

Kate Moss apparently washes her hair with cocaine or something because the bitch is starting to go grey. The Daily Mail says that Kate’s hair isn’t exactly gray. Apparently, Kate added pale blue streaks to her hair. One source says:

“It is the new in thing. Kate dyed her hair blue, but it came up silvery grey on camera. She loves it and thinks it’s very fashionable.”

Gray hair is fashionable?! What will be hot next? Wrinkles and saggy cleavage? Cellulite? Crunked granny with fucked up dentures?

At the launch of her new handbag line in Paris yesterday:

Brittany Murphy’s Husband Wants To Sue Hollywood Now

So remember when Simon Monjack said not being in Happy Feet 2 is what really killed Brittany Murphy and we all had a couple laughs? He’s literally going to sue Warner Bros. for wrongful-death over it:

The Daily Beast has learned that Simon Monjack, the much-maligned husband of Brittany Murphy, is only days away from filing a wrongful-death action against Warner Brothers, claiming that the studio is responsible for the unexpected death of the 32-year-old actress last December. “They killed her,” he told me. Although the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office hasn’t released a final cause of death, Monjack and Brittany’s mother, Sharon, who also spoke to me, are convinced that the once-promising star died of a heart attack from the stress caused by Warner Brother’s canceling of a contract just two weeks before she died. Murphy was excited to have begun production on the sequel to the animated hit Happy Feet, but when she was fired by Warner Brothers, Monjack says, “She was devastated.”

Okay, let’s see here. We’ve got Simon Monjack, whose wedding to Brittany just happened to coincide with his facing deportation for an expired visa (for which he spent 9 days in jail, BTW), a guy who was charged with credit card theft and fraud, a guy who tried to pass off a cubic zirconia ring as a diamond to his other fiancee, and a guy who reportedly engaged in homosexual affairs when nobody was looking. But Warner Brothers is supposed to be the bad guy in all this? Come on. If it were any more obvious it was Simon Monjack, he’d have on a black-and-white striped suit and dollar signs where his pupils should be.