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Everyday Is Halloween For Lady Gaga

Just when you thought Lady Gaga couldn’t get any wilder, she goes ahead and wears something like this. Sure, she has a shitload of money (for now),  but I’m pretty sure that bitch stole the accumulated dust and dog hair from my vacuum to make that stunning headpiece. If we’re lucky, a giant condor will […]

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Lady Gaga Took Photos With A Homeless Man

Outside of Lady Gaga’s hotel on Sunday a reportedly homeless man was waiting in line with other fans to give Gaga an engagement ring. According to Gaga fans passing the photos around, Gaga graciously accepted the ring. And when she went to pose with the man for photos, he told her, “But I smell.” To […]

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Lady Gaga Gives Ryan Seacrest An ARTPOP Makeover

Lady Gaga is making the rounds promoting Applause, and yesterday she went out with the smeared clown makeup that she is wearing on the cover of the Applause single. The circus has just begun, kids, and I for one cannot see where it takes us.

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