Helena Bonham Carter Is Going To Show Lindsay Lohan How It's Really Done

It’s probably impossible to top Lindsay Lohan’s complicated, multi-layer and emotionally raw performance as Elizabeth Taylor, but Helena Bonham Carter is going to try. So the news that BBC4 is making a film about Elizabeth Tayor and Richard Burton starring Helena as Liz – and Dominic West as Burton – has made us very excited indeed.

BBC4’s Burton & Taylor will only focus on the short time in 1983 when La Liz and Richard Burton starred in Private Lives together on Broadway. They were divorced at the time – and also played a divorced couple in the play. A year after the production, Burton died aged 58.

After Lindsay Lohan’s disastrous portrayal of Elizabeth Taylor in Liz & Dick, fans of the legendary actress are probably breathing a sigh of relief knowing that Lohan will not get the last word on Taylor.