Adam Sandler Breaks Razzies Record

The Raspberries aired last night, and if you don’t know what they are well, they’re pretty much the opposite of the Oscars, where the awards are doled out to the worst of the worst and Adam Sandler took home a record 10 Razzies.

We knew it wasn’t Adam Sandler’s year when we first laid eyes on the shockingly terrible trailer for Jack and Jill, a “comedy” where Sandler plays his own female twin and Al Pacino plays himself (we’re still stumped as to why he agreed).

Last night Jack and Jill swept the board clean by winning every category. The film won: Worst Picture, Worst Actor,Worst Actress,Worst Supporting Actor,Worst Supporting Actress,Worst Screen Ensemble,Worst Director, Worst Prequel, Remake ,Rip-Off or Sequel,Worst Screen Couple and Worst Screenplay.

Long gone are the days of Happy Gilmore, Little Nicky and Billy Madison. We like Adam Sandler and we want to see him make an epic comeback to make us forget Jack and Jill ever even happened.