Lindsay Lohan Off Formal Probation

Lindsay Lohan arrived in court for the last time early this morning after successfully completing all of her probation requirements.

Judge Stephanie Saunter ended LiLo‘s formal probation, and seemed proud of the troubled star for doing absolutely everything the court asked of her.

However, she warned Lohan that she must remain on her best behaviour and wants to see her stop all the “clubbing” and “focus on her work,” because if she breaks any laws between now and May 2014, there would be trouble!

Sautner said:

“Obey all rules. It’s not that hard. I know that it can be hard when people are following you about the place, but that’s the life you chose.

“Stop nightclubbing and focus on your work… You don’t need to come to court anymore… I don’t expect to see you again.”

Lindsay thanked the judge for everything, and even credited her for opening up a lot of doors. Specifically, the doors to Chateau Marmont’s mini bar…