Lindsay Lohan Involved In Another Hit And Run

While leaving Sayers Club in Hollywood just after midnight Wednesday in her new Porsche, Lindsay Lohan was trying to exit the parking lot near a Hookah Lounge when she was surrounded by paparazzi and bystanders. She lightly hit the manager of the Hookah Lounge while making a 3-point turn and then fled.
TMZ says:

The 26-year-old Hookah Lounge manager was standing by his car when Lindsay was attempting a 3-point turn and she grazed his knee and his car. We’re told the manager didn’t know who Lindsay was at first and he told the paparazzi on scene and police that he didn’t need medical attention. He was told the driver was Lindsay but he said he wasn’t from this country and didn’t know who she was.

[However], a short time later he began complaining he was injured [and went to] the emergency room and we’re told he is going to press charges and hire an attorney. Cops told us they will open a hit-and-run investigation if the manager files a report.

If the cops determine is was a hit-and-run, then that’s a direct violation of her probation and she could get sent straight back to jail. But we all know that’s not going to happen. Instead, she’s gonna blow that Hookah Lounge manager in the back of his AMC Pacer. You wait and see.