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Entries for January, 2010

Kate Moss Goes Gray

Kate Moss apparently washes her hair with cocaine or something because the bitch is starting to go grey. The Daily Mail says that Kate’s hair isn’t exactly gray. Apparently, Kate added pale blue streaks to her hair. One source says: “It is the new in thing. Kate dyed her hair blue, but it came up […]


Brittany Murphy’s Husband Wants To Sue Hollywood Now

So remember when Simon Monjack said not being in Happy Feet 2 is what really killed Brittany Murphy and we all had a couple laughs? He’s literally going to sue Warner Bros. for wrongful-death over it: The Daily Beast has learned that Simon Monjack, the much-maligned husband of Brittany Murphy, is only days away from […]


Kim Kardashian Is Tweeting More Bikini Pics

Kim Kardashian posted these bikini pictures on her Twitter yesterday, saying “SUPER SEXY & EDGY!” and “HOT HOT HOT! Not even retouched yet!” Jesus Christ. The only thing bigger than this bitch’s ego is her comically oversized ass.

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