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Entries for October, 2007

Nicole Kidman – Transparent Dress

Nicole Kidman walked down the red carpet at the 2007 ARIA Awards in Sydney Australia. Turns out her clothes may have been a bit transparent. I wonder if Tom Cruise saw these pictures and thought about what he’s missing. You know, if he was into chicks. Impossible. I know. But from time to time I […]


Britney Can Only See Her Kids Three Days A Week

The courts have ruled that Britney Spears will not be regaining 50/50 shared custody of her children with Kevin Federline. The court-appointed parenting coach found Britney’s parenting to be “not abusive in the traditional sense”. L.A. Court Commissioner Scott M. Gordon was upheld and Britney is still allowed only two visits a week, plus an […]

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Chris Crocker gives idiocy a bad name!

Here we see Britney’s most famous fan Chris Crocker, blowing kisses to the cameras right after purchasing his copy of Ms. Spears latest album, “Blackout.” In a blue yarn dress, Crocker smiled wide for the cameras as he certainly spouted his confidence in his diva’s abilities to launch a successful comeback. Only time will tell. […]

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